If I saw something in your physical store that I liked but didn’t purchase it at the time, will I be able to order it online?

Yes. You would need to contact us specifying which item you were interested in. We will not ship anything in a glass jar (jelly, etc).


If I want something that is not on the online store, how will I pay for it?

You would send a check or money order along with your name and phone number. Once payment is received we will contact you and ship your order.


Is it secure/safe to place an order from the PA Dutch Gift Haus website?

Absolutely! Our website is secured using an SSL certificate, so all data including your name, address, order details, etc. are protected. All payments are processed through PayPal, so your credit card details are never stored on our website. PayPal is the leading online payment processor, and offers unmatched security.


What if I’m looking for a specific product that’s not in stock?

You can always use our contact form right here on our website to get in touch with us! Email us a picture of the product you’re looking for, and we’ll try our best to locate it for you.


Can I hang my hex sign outdoors?

Yes. To increase longevity, we usually recommend spraying the Hex sign with clear acrylic.


What are hex signs made of?

All hex signs, unless otherwise stated, are made of wooden masonite board and are meant to be hung outdoors. We recommend avoiding direct contact to excessive weather and for longer lasting protection to place clear acrylic on all sides and edges.


Got more questions?

We’re always here to help. Fill out our contact form here.